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This page is dedicated to making your life easier. We have useful tips and tricks for making your planning as easy as it can be. A hasel free experiance is what anyone wants. Let us know on the contacts page if there is anything else we can help you with.  


Adding your personal touch

This is where you are able to get hands on with your wedding. We don't suggest you take over the whole planning of your wedding as we are here to help with the hire and design of your wedding ceremony to your reception. But creating a personal touch like favours for your guests is a thoughtful gesture your guest will take away from your special day. This could be added to the chair or on top of our stunning Roslin Woven Rose Ivory Napkins. This lets each guest take away a special something, the beauty of this is it doesnt have to cost the world. Favours small and simple are perfect and can mean so much more.

We Design?

With years of event experiance, from event and wedding planning along with on the day co-ordinating to everything that goes on behind the sceens. We have put together our experiance where we will be dedicated to planning the whole dress up of your event/wedding. We encourage  you to be as much or as little involved. This links to our 3 step plan where we build a repour and understanding with what you want for your special day. This is where we will put your thoughts and expressions to life. Our next unique proposa is we will make sure your venue is all set up and ready.  


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