• Co2 Extinguisher

         Co2 Extinguisher

    CO2 fire extinguishers are used for electronics and computers, also with our hire equipment Generators! This is because they are the only extinguisher safe to use on electrical fires. Co2 can also be used on Class B fires, this includes flammable liquids however not cooking fat!

  • Powder Extinguisher

    Powder Extinguisher

    The use of powder extinguishers in buildings are not suitable as they reduce your visibility and also breathing can be impaired. The means of escape is therefore much harder.  The powder can be used on class A, B, C and D fires however category D should be the last option as it will mean the electrical equipment is unrepairable.

  • Foam Extinguisher

    Foam Extinguisher

    Foam Extinguishers act as a film over the flame which means it covers and suffocates the flame, extinguishing it.  The Foam Extinguisher can be used on class A and B fires suggesting it can act on combustible materials and also flammable liquids except deep fat fryers.

  • Water Extinguisher

         Water Extinguisher

    Water Fire Extinguishers are only suitable for combustible materials and should most importantly not be used on electrical equipment. 

  • Fire Blanket

               Fire Blanket

    Fire Blankets are used to extinguish small fires which could be in an enclosed area. Alternatively they can also be used to wrap around a person whose clothes have caught alight. Best Places to store these near or within kitchens. 



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